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Last update:2024/04/23

Social Responsibility

Taiwan Financial Holdings

Social responsibility

  • As a government-owned entity, TFH actively accommodates the government's financial policies, helps to stabilize the financial order, relies on its financial professionalism to provide excellent financial services, participate in public service activities, fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, spur the nation's overall industrial development, and contribute to the well-being of the nation.

    Implementations of sustainable development are as follows:

    1. TFH continues to sponsor the "Financial Services Education Charity Fund" established by the Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable. The donation is used to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students from disadvantaged families, to hold financial literacy courses, and to take other measures to promote financial literacy. It supports practical actions to show concern for disadvantaged families and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

    ​​​​​​2. TFH and BOT jointly participate in the "2022 Kuanyin-Line Charity Concert" activities. The money raised by the event is donated to the "Taipei Kuanyin-Line Psychological and Social Service Association", and being used to expand the association's professional services which combine psychological care and social work for improving social stability and harmony.

    3. BOT continues to hold the Arts Festival (including a Youth Painting Division, a Photography Division, and a Calligraphy Division). These activities demonstrate the tremendous energy that can be generated when the financial and art worlds meld.

    4. In order to create an environment conducive to economic and financial research and assist cultivating financial research talents in Taiwan, BOT has held the "Bank of Taiwan Awards for Economic and Financial Research" annually from 2017, encouraging young students to participate in the competition with their graduation doctoral dissertation or master's thesis, hoping to see the power of Taiwan's financial knowledge through high-quality research papers.

    5. BOT, BTS, and BTIB jointly hold 3 blood donations with Taiwan Blood Services Foundation. Call the TFH Group employees, clients, and members of the public to join the activities. A total of 353,000 CC blood (1,412 bags) was collected to help alleviate the shortage of medical blood, participate in public welfare with practical actions, and display the spirit of fraternity and mutual assistance.

    6. BTLI has been working vigorously to achieve financial inclusion, continues to promote Simple Love Accident Microinsurance, and was singled out by the Financial Supervisory Commission as an "Outstanding Provider of Microinsurance" for the 9th consecutive year while also being named for the 3rd year as a "Superior Provider of Microinsurance for Persons with Physical and Mental Disabilities."