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Last update:2021/04/24

Company Information Security Policy

Taiwan Financial Holdings

Social responsibility

  • 1.CSR disclosure:
    The TFH Group makes very comprehensive CSR disclosures in its annual report in the sections entitled "Corporate Governance" and "An Overview of Operations," and in the special "Corporate Governance" section on the TFH website. Also, information on implementation of the company's CSR policies in 2018 was reported to the Board of Directors on July 25, 2019.

    2.Implementation of corporate social responsibility:
    ​Hold donation drives to give back to society and awaken public compassion

    ​​​​​​(1)​​TFH continued donating NT$2.5 million to the aforementioned Financial Services Education Charity Fund (established by the Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable).

    ​​​​​​(2)​TFH and BOT jointly donated NT$377,790 to the Ai-Wei Mercy Home for the Disabled to fund the purchase of equipment and everyday necessities, thereby improving the environment and raising the quality of care there.

    (3)In support of the Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable's policy of encouraging financial institutions to promote financial literacy and engage in community service activities, TFH and its subsidiaries took part in the 2019 Financial Services Charity Fair by setting up a financial literacy booth and a digital banking booth, thus giving visitors a chance to learn about financial matters in a fun and entertaining way.

    (4)BOT and the Taiwan Guide Dog Association held a fair at Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei to familiarize visitors with the work of guide dogs, and to shine a spotlight on the importance of caring for needs of those with limited mobility.

    (5)BOT and BTLI made a contribution to the Hung-Chia Sanctuary Center for the Handicapped to help provide a more comfortable environment for children living at the Center and receive better care.

    (6)BTLI, BOT, BTS, and various firms that they do business with regularly joined with groups serving persons with severe disabilities (to which BTS has long provided strong support) to take part in a beach clean-up activity in Tainan City on Earth Day 2019.

    (7)BTLI, the Shihguang Catholic Home for the Disabled, and latter's Grown-Up With Hands Family held a "Year-End Thanksgiving Musical Concert" to raise funds. The parties also set up a fan page on the Web to familiarize netizens with the special abilities of autistic children and elicit public sympathy and support.