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Last update:2022/05/25

Social Responsibility

Taiwan Financial Holdings

Social responsibility

  • CSR disclosure:
    The TFH Group makes very comprehensive CSR disclosures in its annual report in the sections entitled "Corporate Governance" and "An Overview of Operations," and in the special "Corporate Governance" section on the TFH website. Also, information on implementation of the company's CSR policies in 2019 was reported to the Board of Directors on 23 July 2020.

    2.Implementation of corporate social responsibility:

    ​​​​​​(1)TFH again donated NT$2.5 million to the aforementioned Financial Services Education Charity Fund (established by the Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable). This money is used to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students from disadvantaged families, to hold financial literacy courses, and to take other measures to promote financial literacy. It supports practical actions to show concern for disadvantaged families and to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

    ​​​​​​(2)TFH and BOT jointly donated NT$284,200 to the SING FU Happiness Foundation's affiliated unit-YOU AI Home for the Disabled to fund the purchase of equipment and everyday necessities, thereby improving the environment and raising the quality of care there.

    (3)In support of the Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable's policy of encouraging financial institutions to promote financial literacy and engage in community service activities, TFH and its subsidiaries took part in the 2020 Financial Services Charity Fair in Pingtung and Chiayi by setting up a financial literacy booth and a digital banking booth, thus giving visitors a chance to learn about financial matters in a fun and entertaining way.

    (4)In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, BOT worked together with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) to hold charitable activities at the TFCF Development School in New Taipei City. Besides the donation of a batch of everyday household goods, BOT also organized activities, including balloon angels, DIY classes, and singing. BOT personnel spent a happy afternoon together with the preschoolers.

    (5)In order to put into practice the concepts of showing concern for the disadvantaged and support for diversified arts activities, the Company participated in the "2020 Kuanyin-Line Charity Concert" held by the Taipei Kuanyin-Line Psychological and Social Service Association. The money raised by the event is being used to expand the association's social work and professional services, and the event hopefully inspired more people to be charitable and support disadvantaged groups.

    (6)BTLI responded to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation's (SSWF) call for "face equality" by holding a "Flash Your Uniqueness" activity on the Company Facebook fan page. BTLI also held two DIY courses for making fondant cake in the shape of BTLI's bear mascot, and friends from the SSWF were invited to experience the pleasure and sense of accomplishment of making something by hand. BTLI moreover joined forces with the Shih Guang Educational and Nursing Institution's affiliated Zhuozhuo Garden to hold the "Farm Life Experiential Camp" activity, in order to promote sustainable management and the spirit of service and to demonstrate concern for disadvantaged groups.