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Last update:2020/01/19

Business Strategy

Taiwan Financial Holdings
​(i) Understand financial market trends; innovate and integrate marketing platforms and modes of service; build up our cross-selling product lineup. These measures are intended to satisfy the increasingly diverse needs of customers and reap the benefits of synergy.
(ii)Work to integrate information operations; improve customer relations management; provide differentiated and tailor-made services; raise our product penetration rate; work to maximize customer value.
(iii)Appropriately allocate group resources; acquire (in accordance with the group's development strategy) subsidiaries with niche strengths; reap maximum returns on capital allocations.
(iv)Take advantage of closer cross-strait financial ties by devising a business model covering Taiwan, mainland China, and Hong Kong; work together with core enterprises on joint business development activities; provide Taiwanese firms doing business in mainland China with integrated money flow services; create greater potential for increased groupwide operating revenues and profits.
(v)Fulfill corporate social responsibility; flesh out corporate governance legal environment and operating mechanisms; promote integrated public marketing activities; act upon the core values of a leading brand; fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.​