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Last update:2022/07/29

Company Profiles

Taiwan Financial Holdings

i. TFH

TFH is a financial holding company. Its main lines of business, as required under the provisions of the Financial Holding Company Act, are investing in other enterprises and managing their operation.

ii. Bank of Taiwan

In addition to conducting ordinary banking business in accordance with the provisions of the Banking Act, BOT also (on contract to the Central Bank of the Republic of China) handles ancillary matters pertaining to the distribution of New Taiwan Dollar notes and coins, and engages in other lines of business as may be approved by the competent authorities.

  • Commercial Banking: deposit taking; lending; guarantees; import/export- related foreign exchange services; domestic and international remittances; offshore banking; trust and depository services; electronic banking; book-entry central government bonds; safety deposit box leasing.
  • Investment and Personal Financial Planning: domestic and international financial market transactions; wealth management; property trusts; charitable trusts; securities trusts; trusts for loans and related security interests; real estate trusts; trusts for surface rights.
  • Government Employees Insurance: provision of insurance for current and retired government employees, and payout of cash benefits.
  • Procurement and Foreign Trade: purchasing agent for government agencies and both state-run and private-sector enterprises; government-designated purchasing projects; gold trade; tariff quota management; other trade services for the government.
  • Outsourced Services for Government Agencies: services provided, for example, to the Central Bank of the Republic of China(Taiwan) (operations related to the issuance of New Taiwan Dollar bank notes and coins, including pick-up and delivery, transportation, supply management, bank note recovery/destruction); fund management for the old Labor Pension Fund.

iii. BankTaiwan Life Insurance

  • Personal insurances including life insurance, personal injury insurance, health insurance and annuity insurance.
  • Acts on behalf of the government in running military personnel insurance and insurance for men serving alternative military service.
  • Other lines of business as may be approved by the competent authorities.

iv. BankTaiwan Securities

  • Securities brokering, dealing, and underwriting.
  • Margin trading services and short selling services.
  • Futures introducing broker services.
  • Consultation for securities issuing, fund raising and related matters.
  • Other lines of business as may be approved by the competent authorities.​​​