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Last update:2020/07/16


Taiwan Financial Holdings
​​1.1. 2020 Business Plan

(1)Further integration of resources

Further integrate group resources, establish business cooperation, implement target management, carry out cross-selling by group subsidiaries of each other's products and services, develop integrated financial services, reap the synergistic benefits of integrated marketing, improve the groupwide shared operating platforms project, expand the scope of integration of back office operations, and reduce operating costs by tapping into group synergies.

(2)Develop forward-looking financial services

Seize upon business opportunities generated by the ongoing transformation toward digital financial services, consolidate the group's competitive advantage as the market leader, use the InnoLab to integrate forces pushing internal innovation, introduce innovative technologies from outside sources, actively stock up on FinTech patents, continue promoting business innovation, create value-added intelligent financial services, provide a totally new user experience for customers, spur development of many different lines of business, and generate new sources of growth momentum.

(3)Cultivate diverse talent

Respond to the needs for universal banking, investment in the group's core businesses, and innovative development by making skillful use of the Group's cross-disciplinary training resources as well as in-house and outside education and training programs, enriching the content of human resource training, realizing human resource potential, and accelerating the cultivation of personnel with mastery of a diverse range of core skills.

(4)Improve asset quality

Continue working to institute a stronger mechanism for management of capital allocations, respond to international economic and financial conditions, flexibly adjust trading strategies and asset allocations, increase investment returns, make good use of funds utilization platform meetings, strengthen the mechanism for sharing of investment unit research report resources, and continue working to get better results from financial and economic information exchanges.

(5)Build a stronger compliance culture

Derive greater benefits from the three lines of defense in internal controls, implement risk-based internal auditing, conduct legal compliance education, build a stronger compliance culture among all employees, ensure effective functioning of the legal compliance system, conform with international rules, and ensure sound operation of AML/CFT mechanisms.

(6)Optimize risk management strategies

Respond to changes in the overall economic and financial environment, adjust the group's risk management strategies and mechanisms; pay closer attention to international economic and financial conditions, make corresponding adjustments; improve the group's capital adequacy management, obtain better benefits from integrated risk management.

(7)Implement information security management

Benefit from the function of a specialized information security unit, fine-tune information security protection measures, cultivate cybersecurity knowledge, improve cybersecurity rules, strengthen cybersecurity drills, take part in the financial cyber security joint defense system, and work together to improve cyber defense capability while paying balanced attention to both business innovation and cybersecurity management.

(8)Fulfill corporate social responsibility

Provide project loans to fund working capital needs arising from efforts to battle the COVID-19 situation, carry out related relief measures, provide companies and individuals with assistance to help them fight COVID-19; carry out investment and financing operations and develop green finance in line with the spirit of the Equator Principles; support charity events involving cultural & creative undertakings, artistic & cultural events, sports, and environmental protection activities; promote small-amount whole life insurance, reverse mortgages, and other financial products designed to serve a social purpose and create a friendly financial environment; show positive concern for social well-being; and work to fulfill the company's corporate social responsibility.

​​2.Short-term and Long-term Business Development Plans

(1)Short-term business development plan

Strengthen investments in Taiwan, promote investment and financing businesses; develop overseas markets, derive more benefit from international business locations; further commit to strategy of integrating TFH Group resources to reap the benefits of synergy; seize business opportunities connected with government policies, pursue profit growth; develop forward-looking financial services, provide a high-quality service model; comply with domestic and foreign legal requirements, improve internal auditing and internal control mechanisms; carry out groupwide risk management, ensure sound asset quality; engage in vigorous training of talent, build up the Group's managerial capabilities; put our financial expertise to work in support of community service, and fulfill corporate social responsibility.

(2)​ Long-term business development plan

​Act in line with 5P (People-centered, Portfolio-sound, Performance-driven, Prospection-oriented and Principle-based) business operating policy and 5S (Scale, Scope, Soundness, Superior Management and Social Responsibility) competitive strategies, accurately identify trends and the direction of government policy; plan out a set of groupwide business strategies, integrate the Group's global marketing network, engage in FinTech fine-tuning and development; work to achieve better operating results; implement risk management and legal compliance; seek sustainable and sound development of the group; build up TFH as the nation's flagship financial holding company.
3. Cross-Selling

(1)Cross-selling synergies

Implement the Group resource integration strategy, develop integrated products and services, and set up a Platform for Integrated Marketing Among Group Subsidiaries, in order to strengthen cross-sector cooperation among Group subsidiaries, and establish a mechanism for resource sharing and joint business development; set up a Cross-Selling Committee and conduct monthly monitoring of its implementation of controls, use a target management and performance evaluation system to spur Group subsidiaries to engage in business cooperation. The Plan for Integrated Marketing among Group Subsidiaries continued covering 6 principal business lines and carrying out cross-selling of 17 products through integrated marketing. Quantifiable items sold via the cross-selling platform contributed NT$870 million to the Group's profits in 2019, and generated the synergistic benefits that come from a diverse range of marketing channels.
​ ​

(2)Resource integration and cost reductions​​

Effectively integrate and use Group-wide resource, and continue promoting 8 major shared business operations (information operations, education and training, legal affairs, property management, community service promotions, purchasing operations, financial and economic information exchange, and human resource exchange). Our logistics platform handled 3,830 cross-subsidiary operations in 2019, reducing measurable operating costs over the course of the year by NT$35.4 million, thus reducing operating costs by tapping into group synergies.​