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Last update:2022/07/14


Taiwan Financial Holdings
​​1.2022 Business Plan

(1)Improve TFH Group resources integration

TFH will continue improving the strategy of integrating TFH Group resources; improve the Group's mechanism for resource sharing and joint business development, develop integrated products and services, reap cross-selling synergies, and expand he Group's overall profits. It will also continue promoting the groupwide shared information operations platform, exercise coordinated group-wide management and use of back-office resources, optimize shared operating procedures, share resources in a way that is to everyone's benefit, and reap the synergies generated by more efficient and effective business management.

(2)Promote digital finance innovation

In response to the trend toward digitization in the financial industry, TFH will continue to promote digital transformation, use innovative technologies and big data analysis, further adopt MyData related digital services, continue implementing the plan for hiring and cultivating digital talent, continue developing fintech development facilities, innovate new business models, and create growth momentum.

(3)Strengthen information security governance

TFH will improve mechanisms for sharing of information resources, implement the principle of centralized maintenance and administration of shared information resources; closely monitor financial cyber security conditions as well as supervisory and legislative developments, strengthen the Group's cyber defenses, develop a corporate culture that emphasizes cyber security; assist with the building up of the financial cyber security joint defense system, and strengthen the overall security of financial information.

(4)Cultivate diverse talent

TFH will meet the needs of the digital finance development and cooperation among Group subsidiaries and make use of in-house and outside training institutes, the Group's educational resources, human resource exchanges platforms, and other training resources to improve employees' professional expertise. It will also cultivate personnel with cross-disciplinary skills who have both professional financial knowledge and capabilities in a diverse range of other fields, and improve the professional managerial expertise of supervisors and their ability to think in terms developmental strategies, thereby spurring the Group's business growth.

(5)Improve management of capital allocations

TFH will continue instituting a stronger mechanism for management of capital allocations; review trading strategies and asset-liability allocations in a timely manner in order to achieve better capital efficiency; make good use of funds utilization platform meetings, strengthen the mechanism for sharing of investment research resources, and work to get better results from financial and economic information exchanges; periodically inspect asset quality, set aside allowances or reserves for loss, and exercise monitoring and control of asset quality.

(6)Improve internal control and internal audit operations

TFH will implement risk-based internal auditing, collect important internal audit information, enhance early warning functions, and ensure effective internal control and internal audit operations; continue to improve legal compliance systems, and establish a healthy legal compliance culture; strengthen the Group's risk management mechanisms, incorporate the framework for management of climate-related emerging risks into the Group's overall risk management policy, and solidify the Group's business foundation.

(7)Achieve sustainability

TFH will adopt a groupwide policy on sustainable finance, incorporate ESG factors into routine daily operations and policymaking considerations, institute ethical business practices, and establish a deep-rooted corporate culture of sustainable governance; step up efforts to promote ESG investing and sustainable finance, and encourage customers to appreciate the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development and join with TFH in implementing them; promote financial inclusion, demonstrate concern for society, engage in public service work, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

​​2.Short-term and Long-term Business Development Plans

(1)Short-term business development plan

TFH will support government policy by fighting the pandemic and providing relief and stimulus loans; promote sustainable finance, launch carbon reduction measures in an orderly manner; promote transformation toward digital financial services, unleash innovative energy; integrate TFH Group resources to reap enhanced business synergies; increase the Group's worldwide business locations, build a stronger local presence in offshore markets; enhance the Group's competitiveness, tap into the value of internal controls; improve risk management and asset quality; cooperate on cyber security joint defense, strengthen response capabilities; and fulfill the Group's social responsibilities, promote sustainability.

(2)Long-term business development plan

​TFH will act in line with the 5P (People-centered, Portfolio-sound, Performance-driven, Prospection-oriented and Principle-based) business operating policy, the 5S (Scale, Scope, Soundness, Superior Management and Social Responsibility) competitive strategies, and the 4R (Resilience, Reorientation, Renewal, Repositioning) core concepts, keep close track of financial markets, support the government's effort to support the development of core strategic industries, pursue an improved strategy for integrating Group resources, enhance group synergies, utilize the Group's global business network, continue cooperating with multinational and flagship financial institutions, improve the performance of overseas business locations, promote digital financial innovation, enhance cyber defense capabilities, adopt a risk-focused mentality, strengthen cooperation among the three lines of defense in internal control, take stronger measures to promote ESG investing and green financial services, pursue a more sustainable type of group operation, and build up TFH as the nation's flagship financial holding company.