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Last update:2020/01/18

Privacy Policy

Taiwan Financial Holdings

1. Applicable scope of this statement

This statement applies to all websites built in the name of Taiwan Financial Holdings (hereafter referred to as "TFH") using its Domain Name, i.e. twfhc.com.tw.

2.Protection of customers' information

The collection, use and protection of customers' information by TFH website are handled in accordance with "Personal Information Protection ​Act". To protect the privacy and completeness of customers' information, TFH shall follow relative governmental laws and information management principle, using firewall strengthened by invasion detection system, overall virus prevention mechanism, and information protection system, to prevent from illegal invasion and the damage of malice program. For the data transmission, besides the protection by SSL mechanism, cipher and digital signature mechanisms are further added to important confidential information, to strengthen the safety of data transmission, store and use.

3.The use of Cookie technology

Cookie is a short text data which is transmitted from web server to customer's browser and stored in the hard disk of customer's computer. TFH website uses Cookie as a communication and identification tool with customer. Its purposes are to store from time to time the activities conducted or text data inputted by the customer on the web page, and record the personal information and preference of the customer, so as to provide "customized" service or deliver advertisements conforming to the interest and favorite of the customer. If customer does not want to receive Cookie, he/she can close the Cookie function on the browser, but he/she will not be able to use a part of service provided by TFH website.

4. Links to other web sites

TFH web site may provide links to other web sites. Users may visit other sites through links. However, users’ privacies are not protected by the TFH site while they use a link to the other site.

5.Amendment of this statement

To meet social environmental change, business requirement, technology development, and revisal of laws, this statement may be amended and publicized from time to time. Customers are requested to view this statement via Internet from time to time, so as to protect your rights.​ ​