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Last update:2018/07/09
Division of Duties
1. Auditing Department
Sets up and implements internal audit systems, oversees and evaluates the performance of internal audit systems at subsidiaries, reports regularly to the governance level on the status of implementation of internal audits, and helps to evaluate whether internal controls are working effectively.

2. Compliance Department
Plans, administers, and implements legal compliance systems; provides assistance and liaison for the handling of litigious and non-litigious matters; provides liaison support to attorneys retained to handle legal cases, and evaluates their performance?; ?administers the Group AML/CFT plan.

3. Business Development Department
Plans for organizational development, business strategies, investing activities; handles integrated marketing, corporate image promotion and preparation of the annual report.

4. Administration Department
Administers personnel, payroll, ethics matters, general affairs, purchasing, cashier operations, document management; takes charge of public relations, meetings of board of directors/audit committee, and corporate governance.

5. Risk Management Department
Sets up risk management systems and contingency plans for Taiwan Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries; handles TFH credit rating matters.

6. Financial Management Department
Manages groupwide financial affairs and evaluations of corporate performance; plans and implements groupwide budgets, year-end accounts, and accounting systems.

7. Information Management Department
Implements the development of groupwide information systems; plans and administers resource integration and shared platform security maintenance.