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Last update:2020/01/16

Company Profiles

Taiwan Financial Holdings

On 1st January 2008 TFH was established (in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Holding Company Act, the Company Act, and other applicable laws and regulations) as Taiwan's first state-​owned financial holding company by the Bank of Taiwan(BOT)in a share swap. On the following day (2nd January), the Bank of Taiwan spun off its life insurance and securities businesses to create group subsidiaries BankTaiwan Life Insurance(BTLI)and BankTaiwan Securities(BTS), thus bringing into existence Taiwan's first wholly government-owned financial holding company, with three wholly owned subsidiaries. In order to expand the scope of business operations, the BOT on 6th February 2013 established BankTaiwan Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. (BTIB) as a wholly owned subsidiary.