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Last update:2024/04/23

Taiwan Financial Holdings Notification under Personal Information Protection Act

Dear Customer,

Thank you for providing your precious opinion on the website of Taiwan Financial Holdings (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). In order to comply with Article 8 (1) of the Personal Information Protection Act, we hereby inform you of the following items upon collection of your personal information. Please read carefully.

  • Purposes of collecting personal information:
    • According to “The specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act" announced by the Ministry of Justice, the “Specific Purposes“ of collecting your personal information include “060 Financial dispute resolution”, “090 Consumer, Customer Management and Service”, “091 Consumer Protection”, “113 Petition and petition reported matters handling” and “182 Other Consulting and Consultant Services”, which change accordingly as the aforementioned regulation is amended.
  • Classifications of personal information to be collected:
    • Including names, contact information etc. Please refer to the personal information columns of the “leave a message” section for details.
  • Time periods, areas, objects and ways of the use of personal information:
    • Time periods: (i) The duration of the existence of the Specific Purposes; or (ii) the retention period prescribed under the applicable laws (such as the Business Entity Accounting Act etc.) or agreed in the respective contracts; or (iii) the information retention period necessary for the Company’s business operation. (The longer period will prevail.)
    • Areas: The personal data may be used in areas where the Company, its subsidiaries’ domestic and oversea branches, and other institutions which have business relationships with the Company are located.
    • Objects that may use your personal information: The Company, its subsidiaries (engaging in cross-selling, sharing and utilizing of customer information), joint promotion units, other organizations that have business relationships with the Company, investigative authorities, and financial supervisory authorities.
    • Ways of the use of personal information: Personal information will be used/processed by automatic machines or other non-automatic measures in compliance with the relevant personal information protection laws and regulations.
  • You may exercise the following rights regarding your personal information kept by the Company, in accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act:
    • Making inquiries, requesting to review or make duplications of your personal information.
    • Requesting the Company to supplement or correct your personal data, provided that an appropriate explanation is provided according to relevant laws and regulations.
    • Requesting the Company to delete, discontinue collecting, processing or using your personal information. However, this may not be applicable when it is necessary for the Company’s business operation according to relevant laws and regulations.
  • The consequences of non-provision of the personal information:
    • You are in the position to decide whether to provide relevant personal information or not. However, if you refuse to provide the personal information, the Company will not be able to proceed with the necessary procedure, and will therefore not be able to provide you with relevant services.

※The English translation of this Notification is provided for reference only and in the event of inconsistency, the Chinese version shall prevail.