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Last update:2024/01/16


​Mr. Jong-Chin Shen
Shen Jong-chin

Chairman, Taiwan Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.

Personal Data

​Year of Birth: 1951


Master of Business Administration, Graduate Institute of Commerce Automation and Management in-service master program (ICAM), National Taipei University of Technology

  • Vice Premier, Executive Yuan
  • Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Vice Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Director General, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Director General, Export Processing Zone, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Director, Central Region Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Chief Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Convener, National Stabilization Fund Management Committee
  • Convener, Price Stabilization Committee, Executive Yuan
  • Investment Review Committee Convener, National Development Fund, Executive Yuan
  • Commissioner, Financial Supervisory Commission
  • Executive Director, Central Bank
  • Director, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology
  • Chairman, Taiwan Textile Research Institute
  • Managing Director, Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Acting Chairman, China Steel Corporation
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